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We're systems integrators, first and foremost. Before we sold equipment, before we built consoles or millwork, and even before we became known for facilities design, we built broadcast systems. Successful systems integration in the broadcast industry requires a unique fusion of skills, knowledge, and talent. Our systems design engineers are not freelance contractors. They are full-time employees. They will shepherd your project from beginning to end. This is our method. We give both control and responsibility to the project engineering team so that we maintain continuity in the process. We have an intimate and extensive knowledge of what it takes to create a successful broadcast system. We have built television stations, central casting facilities, network production and origination facilities, satellite uplink and downlink facilities, production houses, and twenty-four hour news facilities. We’ve designed and integrated world-class production facilities that can be flown to any location, premium mobile production trucks, and even cable head-ends. Beck Associates has received industry recognition as a highly qualified, highly capable integrator.