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    Beck Associates began business in 1982. At our inception, the company consisted of seven people, including the founders- Fred and Al Beck. The vision of the founders has not changed. “In continuous search for excellence” remains the corporate goal. We are headquartered in a facility designed and built specifically for systems integration. In addition to office space, it houses a metal fabrication shop, an extensive millwork facility, two bays for work on mobile units, and areas for equipment storage and prewire. We also have full service offices in DC, Denver and New York.

    who we are

    We Provide media Integration Solutions

    Your project success will depend on the team that you assemble. Evaluating your potential collaborators accurately and thoroughly is not an easy task. So what should you look for?

    • History and longevity are good indicators of client satisfaction. They show that a company has been built on repeat business, that it is built on a solid foundation.

    • You look for competence, for many successful projects of a similar scope to your own.

    • You look at potential partners with an eye toward their depth of knowledge and experience.

    • Finally, you look for a history of excellence- excellence in design, in fabrication and in the final product.

    • BeckTV has designed and built more professional television facilities for more customers than any systems integrator. We bring the experience you need when delivering diverse content across multiple platforms in a multitude of formats.

    Design & Integration

    Beck engineers have an intimate and extensive knowledge of what it takes to create a successful broadcast system. We bring the experience you need when delivering diverse content through multiple platforms in a multitude of formats

    • History
    • Competence
    • Knowledge
    • Excellence

    Engineering & Management

    Beck engineers can help you move through the design and planning stages of your project with a thorough, creative, and enjoyable process. We can help you deal with technical grounding issues, technical power distsribution and load issues, and technical space planning, design and layout. Typically, Beck acts as our client's agent and works with the project team to insure that all of the elements necessary for creating a first-class facility are addressed.

    • History
    • Competence
    • Knowledge
    • Excellence

    Professional & Ethical

    Your success is the benchmark by which we measure ourselves. The idea that we only win when our client wins is one of the many reasons we have the highest level of repeat business in the industry.

    • History
    • Competence
    • Knowledge
    • Excellence
    Our systems design engineers are not freelance contractors. They are full-time employees. They will shepherd your project from beginning to end. This is our method.
    Equipment Procurement
    BeckTV has systems integrator and resell agreements with most major broadcast equipment manufac-turers. Our long-term relationships with these manufacturers allow us to buy low and pass those savings on to our clients.
    A unique benefit of working with BeckTV is having access to one of the best custom millwork and metal fabrication facilities in the industry.
    Equipment Specification
    Beck engineers are experienced. They know the equipment and they know how to make it work in your facility.
    Design Solutions
    We offer assistance with many of your technical plant questions. We can help you deal with technical grounding issues, technical power distribution and load issues, and technical space planning, design and layout.
    Budget & Scheduling
    BeckTV is a turn-key systems in-tegrator that will give you top-quality care, responsive ordering & handling of your equipment package, budget & scheduling.
    What Our Clients can expect from BeckTV

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    what Our clients say

    Honesty and integrity are two of the main reasons we continually come back to Beck. They have done no less than 18 major technical/operational upgrades for HTV… Throughout each project, every Beck team member demonstrates a high degree of care for their work, for their customer and the success of the project. This attitude starts at the top with company management and flows through their project leaders and to every team member.
    Marty Faubell
    VP of Engineering Hearst Television, Inc.
    We, again, went with Beck for our national expansion because they always find the optimum balance between cost and performance, and they don’t stop until we’re all satisfied."
    Scott Beers
    President & CEO Beers Enterprises, Inc. The Switch
    I have repeatedly put my trust and our future in Beck’s hands, because I know I can rely on them for the best advice and implementation regarding state of the art television technology and equipment.
    Bob McGee
    Director of Technical Operations,
    Turner Studios Field Operations
    I found myself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.
    Patricia Rruitt
    Directer, art media